The food photos are real ..thanks to our friend and local Long Valley resident, Michele Jerry, of Limoncello Productions.


Welcome to Chesapeake Tavern, located in the historic building in the center of Long Valley, NJ. We are excited to be back with a fresh twist on the old local favorite, Chesapeake Bay Seafood Co.

Not only are we the place for fresh seafood, but we also have many land to table options. Our seafood is delivered daily to ensure the freshest quality food for our customers. We use a modern approach to our menu, without neglecting the old favorite standbys- crab cakes, king legs, fish and chips, steamers…the list goes on and on!

We are confident you will enjoy our creative and unique daily specials. Our bar stays open late, and offers Happy Hour food in the afternoon. We also offer a well-crafted selection of beer, wine and innovative seasonal cocktails.

Whether this is your first time dining with us, or your hundredth, you’re sure to have an amazing meal with quality ingredients and exceptional hospitality. And we're casual, so come in your comfortable clothes!


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Oyster Night Mondays Website Banner

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